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Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis - Melissa Schorr There are many facets to this contemporary fiction young adult novel; it takes place among high school students and in a high school setting, so one would expect nothing less. In this novel, the reader can find themselves taken through a story of cyberbullying based around a jealous mean girl's interpretation of events. There is the one being bullied, the one whose identity is used for the bullying, and the one in the mean girl's clique who gets to know the girl they are bullying and decides she doesn't deserve it.

Overall, an interesting enough story -- and topical for our times. What I took issue with was the happy ending where things are wrapped up in a bow. I was much happier when Annaliese left the note for Noelle saying that a VIP pass would never be enough of an apology and that she wasn't interested in making ammends. The bully doesn't always need to "make things right" or get the closure they're looking for. In fact, often times I think they shouldn't. Not everything needs to be forgiven.